School Wildlife Visits & Wildlife Lectures With Bryan Paterson

School Wildlife Visits

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to "Wildlife Lectures" which is the culmination of a lifetime interest in animals, conservation and the countryside.

We have been lecturing in schools since 1982. Our lectures are adapted to your pupils particular learning ability. We visit all types of school and talk to all age groups. Our lectures are designed to help your pupils attain many of the standards within the National Curriculum.

A varied selection of animals are brought into school for your pupils to learn about and in some cases to be able to touch. We hasten to add that all of our animals are domestically bred and completely at ease in a school environment. We would like to point out that we are more than adequately covered by insurance, although we have never had cause to use it. We also possess all relevant licences which enable my animals to be displayed in public.

A visit entails talking to groups of up to 75 children - subject choices as follows:

School Wildlife Visits

A) General Lecture.

A lecture with four animals (Amphibian, Reptile, Mammal, Bird etc)
Including basic classification.

B) Animals in Captivity.

A lecture designed for older pupils, covering current animal welfare issues. This lecture will help to stimulate active discussion in the class room.

School Wildlife Visits

C) The Environment & Conservation.

A lecture covering National and International issues.

D) Birds of Prey.

A lecture discussing the impact of avian predators on wildlife, their hunting techniques, flight style and their adaptation to our changing environment. Including flying at least two birds.

School Wildlife Visits

E) Falconry through the ages.

A lecture covering mans involvement with Birds of Prey. Including flying at least two birds.

These lectures are interactive a encourage pupil participation.

Visits are as follows:

HALF DAY Two one hour lectures

FULL DAY Four one hour lectures

Evening lectures are available for PTA's etc.

My Display team is available for School Fetes etc. Please See Animal Show Options.

Call Bryan on 07860 832 349 For Prices